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Live Entertainment // Disc Jockeys // Industry Consulting // Social Media Management // Promotion & Marketing // Photography // Graphic Design // Event Coordination // Videography Editing

Experience, reliability, professionalism and innovation.

For almost a decade, Ivy entertainment has been delivering a wide range services to the hospitality and events industries. Excelling through innovation and know-how, with reputation and relationships built on results.

We supply each area of service with a specialized attention to detail – whether it’s building a DJ focused night, building your Sunday crowd, or simply assisting with foot traffic through the door mid week. Ideas, Implementation, Execution.

Speak to our managing director Darren directly by calling him on 0401 187 899, or emailing [email protected]


Live Entertainment

Ivy supplies Adelaide with only the best in live entertainment – solo, duo, trio, large bands, Jazz or fusion ensembles.

With over 70 individual acts and bands on our books, you can be assured that Ivy has the live music solution for you. Our asset is our variety of live music and depth of talent.

This is why we stake a claim to being Adelaide’s most trusted name when it comes to live music solutions. We live and breathe live music. Not only are we out seeing new and exciting acts every weekend and scouring the internet for new talent, but we also have scores of veteran live entertainment options perfect for any event.


Disc Jockeys


DJ’s are a constant in the hospitality industry and can play a vital role in a live entertainment line up of any bar or hotel.

Ivy specialise in DJ’s of all genres and professional backgrounds.

Whether the aim be a focused DJ night or an addition to a live line up, our guys and girls are talented professionals dedicated to achieving goals for our client.

Industry Consulting

Experience is everything and when mixed with innovation our consultancy services form a powerful ally for venues that want to achieve more.

Ivy has the knowhow and resources to see growth in all areas of business. Every single member of our team is or was hospitality based, from our managing director to social media coordinator, the Ivy team is made up of industry people with industry knowledge.

We’ll ensure a well laid plan is not only created but executed. It’s our experience in achieving actual sales based results that see us as one of Adelaide’s largest suppliers to the hospitality industry and continually growing.


Social Media


Ivy lead the way in South Australia when it comes to the management of Social media for the hospitality industry.

Social media is an ever changing landscape as complex as it is important. The external management of a hotel or bars social media is an essential part of a successful marketing plan. Each day, forms of media are updated or added at a rate that’s scary, even to the experts!. This is where Ivy can help, our digital content team are always at the cutting edge of Social media management for business.

As with any successful business, Ivy employs people good at what they do and allow them to do just that. A Bar or Hotel should be no different, A venue should be focused on it’s customers, Quality of food and product… not in an office staring into a world as complex as Facebook.

Our plans are affordable and processes designed specifically for time poor business owners and managers. Whether it’s an entry level presence in the market or a focused social structure, our team will ensure content, management and communication is industry leading.

Facebook // Instagram // Snapchat // Blogs // Twitter // Pinterest


The Ivy team of photographers are passionate about their industry.

Staying innovative and pushing boundaries of conventional photography as well as appreciating the core fundamentals of gaining photo assets that simply look great.

We have social shooters perfect for taking images at events or during trade, as well as specialised food and architecture photographers ideal for gaining print/digital media assets. And our live music shooters, well they live for the music as much as the photography.


Marketing and Promotion

Ivy’s approach to marketing and promotion consists of being thorough and precise.

There are scores of avenues available for a business to expose activity and product, often it can be hard to know which to utilize. We ensure that our clients not only utilize the right forms of media but the content is relevant, effective and maximise results and audience.

As well as Social media Ivy believe in the use and engage with traditional forms of media, which still and always will have a place in a successfully marketed business. We believe in a holistic approach to all aspect of our services, marketing is no exception.

Having Ivy on board ensures you can keep multiple, if not all services under one roof. From concept and planning, to creation of creative assets and communication with external media outlets. Ivy have a decade of experience handling every aspect of successfully marketed businesses.

Graphic Design


Graphic Design plays such a vital role in telling your story.

Our team can create or work within / align with a brand. For print and digital our qualified and skilled team create affordable masterpieces for effective marketing

Event Management

Events big or small must be executed well and have nothing left to chance.

Ivy has run point at major events in Adelaide, such as wine tours, street parties and festivals. Some with capacities in excess of 1000 people. Infrastructure, planning, logistics, exposure and of course execution. Every single minor detail is strenuously planned for and should be.

How many events have you attended where there was a lack of toilets, staff, bar facilities? At Ivy events, we ensure your customers leave happy and eagerly awaiting a return event.



Did you know that Facebook hopes to be a video only outlet within 2 years?

Videography is fast becoming a high demand service. With this growth in the field quality becomes even more important. Seeing your business displayed to a large audience demands standards that our video crew reach during every shoot.

Professionalism at the shoot, innovation in the concepts and preciseness in the edit.

Our team don’t just record what happens, we tell a story; from in depth features to short clips that are a must on social media. Rest assured, while you’re using your iPhone, your competitors are using hi tech and reaching new heights on social media. Content is everything.