Hospitality is our life, we live and breathe the industry. Although expanding into many various services over the years, hospitality has been the basis for all that we do.

We respect the clear and defined fundamental components of the industry while evolving with it as it continues to diversify in the offering and how we build custom and retain our valued clientele.


Staff Education

Demonstrating the link to the venues most valuable and impactful assets the link between marketing, idea generation and FOH procedures. Assessment and realignment toward a culture that breeds success.

Experience Where it Counts

Key relationships with the highest of power brokers within the arts, beverage, touring music, creative, advertising, marketing and events fields.

Marketing & Promotion

Ivy will provide insight when selecting from the vast array of marketing and promotional platforms; both paid and free. Ivy maintains relationships with media and advertising outlets, we use these relationships to benefit our clients if and when there is a decision to use these mediums.


Ivy can run logistics at events big and small.

We have in-house builders and designers that create pop ups in and out of venue, as well as facilitate the infrastructure for major outdoor music events to create significant revenue streams in an ever diversifying market.